Signals Through The Static Visual Album

Presented in association with Peach Pit Productions
Starring Porcelain
Produced by Sierra McKenzie + Kate Starling

Smoke furls and weaves around an empty room, with its trail leading to HER. She never seems to leave this room and no one else enters. Dancing between dimensions and her fragmented visions, does "when" even matter? And what things lie beyond this room?

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Companion Remix Album
This remix companion to 2018's "Signals Through The Static" features 12 artists from our new community the Pacifc Northwest.

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New Single
Originally recorded in 2011, this track was unearthed from the Pilot Cloud vault and re-mixed for release in 2019. Crunchy, dreamy, distorted, fuzzy, gritty; all the fun sounds of shoegaze. A long eight years later, the sun is finally shining once again.

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"In Transition" (2008)

Set within a future reality in which Earth is no longer inhabitable, this opening chapter to Pilot Cloud's meta-narrative chronicles their journey into an uncertain future while musing on themes of yearning and existential anxiety.

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"Halcyon" (2010)

This sophomore EP resumes the band's ongoing narrative in outer space while introducing new motifs of discontent, further isolation, and maladjustment during what should otherwise be one's "salad days".

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"Signals Through The Static" (2018)

Released after a near decade-long hiatus, this third album sees the group in a more reflective state, with themes slanting towards owning our past mistakes and forgiving oneself.

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